​​​​​​​​​​​BOOK SUMMARY

​​Riding Into the Heart of Patagonia
Author: Nancy Pfeiffer
Publisher: Bedazzled Ink
Release date: May 1, 2018
Reviewed by: Adventure Journal 

As a National Outdoor Leadership School instructor in Chile's Aysén Region in 1993, Nancy Pfeiffer watched a man on horseback gracefully navigate a swollen river. Standing with her college students, hungry and wet and not at all at ease, she vowed to return on horseback herself—to try to experience
the land like a local. At the age of 38, she saddled up for lessons at home in Palmer, Alaska, where she worked as a mountain guide, and a few years later she was back in Coyhaique, looking to buy a horse and head south. Riding Into the Heart of Patagonia is a memoir of growth—of a self-reliant adventurer learning patience and ceding the urge to control—and also of a changing countryside, with dams proposed and roads being paved.Pfeiffer's observations beckon: flowering calafate, gnarled branches in the lenga forest, the deeply rooted, welcoming people. It all smells of horsehair and rivers and mud and maté, and I didn’t want any of it to end.

The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound

Author: Steve Levi
A request for consultation on a case in San Francisco diverts Captain Heinz Noonan of Sandersonville, North Carolina from his exciting Alaska vacation to fish for king salmon. He accepts the assignment begrudgingly and makes every effort to solve the case before the king salmon fishing season closes. The case that meets his arrival is the disappearance of a Greyhound bus off the Golden Gate Bridge. Knowing the bus was going toward the Golden Gate Bridge, the far end was closed before the bus could reach it. Police chased the Greyhound onto the bridge. The Greyhound carries four perpetrators of a bank robbery, $10 million dollars, and safety deposit box contents. In addition the bus carries hostages. Noonan, the San Francisco Police, the Insurance Company, a newspaper reporter, and the owner of the $10 million in cash all break into a frantic dash to do their part to reclaim the stolen goods. A compelling and well-crafted read.  Recommended for personal reading lists and community library Mystery/Suspense shelves.

The Matter of the Deserted Airliner 

Author: Steve Levi
Chief of Detectives for the Sandersonville, North Carolina, Police Department, Captain Heinz Noonan is a well-drawn, likable character. Can he find out what happened to the ninety-five missing passengers and crew from Unicorn Airlines Flight 739 that landed in Anchorage, Alaska? The Matter of the Deserted Airliner: Alaska Disappearing Crew and Passengers Caper (Impossible Crime Mystery Book 2)

The Matter of the Dematerializing Armored Car 

Author: Steve Levi
Why would anyone rob an empty armored car and how did they do it?  A book that will hold your interest all the way through!  Ending is very good and quite unexpected. NICE wrap-up. Well worth the read!!! 

Alaska's Animals, You and I
Publisher/Author: Shannon Cartwright
Release date: November, 2016

Reviewed by : Edward Bovy

Those following the career of Shannon Cartwright know that she has been in hibernation, battling a neurological disease that made it impossible to continue producing the artwork for her beloved line of Alaska’s children’s books. Now, thanks to an amazing medical procedure, she returns in a big way with her first new release in seven years, Alaska’s Animals You and I.
Living off the grid in the Bush and away from modern distractions for more than 30 years has sharpened her powers of observation.   While most of her other books teach basic phonics and reading with interesting stories and colorful animals, this one not only does all that, but also packs a powerful message that will prove irresistible to her readers as well as the educational community.  
Alaska’s Animals shows how animals are different, comparing things like noses, feet, tails and dwellings with colorful, detailed and clever close-up compositions, all accompanied by her lyrical verses that roll of your tongue while reading it aloud.  
The book stands on its own, but the underlying theme uses Alaska’s animals to introduce the concept of  “diversity” in an entertaining subtle way.  Recently news reports announced that an estimated 20 percent of US residents speak a language other than English at home, so her message becomes more important every day.  A surprise ending extends her message to a worldwide application. 
Having achieved “senior citizen” status has gained Cartwright a new perspective, or perhaps even wisdom, in a work that may not have been possible earlier in her 40-year career.  Thanks to a highly skilled team of doctors, she is back, better than ever.
Alaska’s Animals, You and I is for sale at the Dancing Leaf Gallery in Talkeetna and other stores throughout the state.

Where Water is Gold

Publisher: Braided River

Photographer: Carl Johnson 

Release Date: 2017

"The book is simply beautiful, outstanding. I read through it several times, particularly delightfully after the Alaska Supreme Court decisions on the Pebble law suit. Carl really did a great job providing an intimate view of Bristol Bay and its people." - Victor Fischer, Alaska Constitutional Convention delegate
"Where Water is Gold is a masterpiece and a visual delight, but Carl's caring commitment is what takes it to a higher level." - Jim Brandenburg,
"So often, these kinds of issues are framed as jobs versus the environment. In the case of Bristol Bay, Alaska however, it is clear that a massive proposed mine will destroy already-existing jobs, the environment, and a way of life that has existed for thousands of years. People have been migrating to Bristol Bay every summer to partake in the bounty of the world's largest sockeye salmon fishery. Carl Johnson shows us what's at stake through his beautiful photographs and insightful profiles of people who rely on Bristol Bay remaining what it currently is -- a thriving intact ecosystem with people as an integral part." - Amy Gulick, Founding Member, International League of Conservation Photographers, author of Salmon in the Trees
"The book is absolutely beautiful and the photography is outstanding, and everything about it is wonderful." - Bella Hammond, former Alaska First Lady

Bread Box for the Broken
Author: Rebecca J Wetzler
Publisher: Publication Consultants
Release date: May 1, 2018
Anyone else have childhood memories of watching the comedy variety show Hee Haw? Their silly song ‘Gloom, despair and agony on me-e! Deep
dark depression, excessive misery-y,’ was meant to be funny. And it was. However, it resonated with my young heart and spirit on a deeper level; already, from that young age, a shadowy melancholy plagued my quality of life and threatened my necessary daily functioning. How does one conquer deepening internal blackness? For me, it has only been through faith in the Lord that my soul is able to challenge the untruths forecast by the darkness. John 8:12 says, ‘When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”’ This has proven true over and over again; no matter how black the darkness gets, there is always the Holy Spirit’s steady glow to lead me out again. Through Bread Box for the Broken I share the scriptural light I have found through the years, proving there is blessed hope for life’s journey through God’s Word. Jesus says in John 6:35, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” Just as bread and water nourish our bodies, partaking of spiritual bread nourishes the soul with timeless truths, and we all may realize our lives are full of blessings the darkness can no longer hide.

I love the way Rebecca's writing sounds like it is coming from the heart of the reader, rather than listening to something an author has written. It gives voice to the reader's soul. The short passages also give a clarity that could be missed if the reflections were longer. Pastor Kent Redfearn, MCA Church, Assembly of God, Anchorage Alaska

Traditional Food Guide for the Alaska Native People
Publisher/Author: ANTHC
Release date: April 1, 2015
Traditional foods are an important part of Alaska Native cultures and an excellent source of nutrition for health and healing. The first edition of the Traditional Food Guide (2008) was designed to support Alaska Native cancer patients who wanted to continue to eat their comforting and nutritious traditional wild foods during treatment. The second edition builds upon this information and serves as a tool that can be used by anyone who includes Alaska’s wild foods as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, from the youngest child to oldest elder.  The food guide includes information for food choices for special dietary needs, as well as a visual guide to healthier eating and understanding nutrition facts.  There are more than 70 food pages that reference the traditional wild food’s Alaska Native name, history, preparation information, and Alaska Native stories.  The recipes section was expanded and includes several children’s recipes.

Land Mammals of Alaska for Children and Marine Mammals of Alaska for Children:

Books #1 and #2 in the I Saw It! Series of Field Guides and Journals for Children.
Publisher: OceanOtter Publishing Anchorage, AK
Author: Barbara L. Brovelli-Moon
Release date: August 10, 2015
These new, innovative books are field guides written specifically for children. Thirty-five land mammals and twenty marine mammals are named (Mortimer Moose, Bernice Beaver, Bella Polar Bear, etc.), and they each “tell” their own story, first-person, relating facts, details, and information in a “child-friendly” way. Additionally, each mammal’s story page includes its name in one of the Alaska Native languages as well as their scientific name, a map of where the critter can be found in Alaska, and journal space for the children to write their own story when they see the mammal. A detailed, pen-and-ink drawing accompanies each story page, and the children may color or simply enjoy these amazing drawings. Finally, the books include charts of the mammals’ families, gender and groups names, glossaries, and other creative highlights for the children. These books are the first of their kind - educational, interactive, and entertaining field guides and journals for children, and visitors to Alaska as well a children living in our wonderful state will love reading and learning from these creative books. Parents and grandparents will learn right along with their children as they share these family-favorite, read-aloud books.

Dead Men Do Come Back 

Publisher: Crime Wave Press

Author: Steven Levi

Available this winter.
Steven Levi’s murder mystery DEAD MEN DO COME BACK is the saga of United States Marshal Gordon Whitford in Juneau in the summer of 1910.  Whitford is called to the city dock where he finds a dead sourdough floating in the frigid water of the Gastineau Channel.  The sourdough has been shot and then frozen solid. The sourdough’s daughter-in-law comes in Juneau to claim the body where she begins an affair with Whitford. What Whitford does not know is that the murder of the sourdough is a set up for a robbery of the Scarborough Mine for 250 pounds of gold.  What the thieves do not know is that they are being set up by the manager of the mine who wants to steal the gold ‘from himself for himself,’ collect the insurance money and still have the gold.  As two concurrent robberies proceed – twice – Whitford will pull the body of the sourdough out of Alaska’s Inside Passage two more times while he tries to figure out who is trying to steal what from whom.

Have We Met?
Published by 31 Fifty Books
Author and Illustrator: Gina Edwards
Released: July 1,2015
A curious little bird named Huey decides to make some new friends in Alaska.  Come along as Huey meets the animals that live in the Great White North.  This hardy, 16 page board book is perfect for babies and those starting to read.  The bright, bold colors keep kids’ interest while they follow Huey through his travels.  Along the way they will learn the names of several Alaska animals.

MIGRANT ALASKAN : Cajun to Sourdough, ASCERTAINING ALASKA : Cajun to Sourdough, ALASKA CONGLOMERATE : Cajun to Sourdough

Outskirts Press Inc.

Author: Francis Ivey

Released: 2013, 2014, 2015

MIGRANT ALASKAN : Cajun to Sourdough, 2013
From Francis Ivey: This 1st book explains where and how I was brought up, with the lessons I learned from Granddaddy on his porch. Many an hour I would spend in my Pirogue {Pero} with my dog, Stub, hunting nutria which I sold for 50 cents each. Granddaddy always said “You don’t know how to spend money if you don’t know how to earn it.”

EXCERPT: I was born in 1950 in Hereford, Texas. My mom is from Louisiana and my dad is from Mississippi. We traveled from oil-field to oil-field in all the states west of the Mississippi River. My final oil-field was in Alaska and that is home and where I live today.

ASCERTAINING ALASKA : Cajun to Sourdough, 2014
The 2nd book continues as Alaska 101 on the working end of a Mayhew Drilling Rig and the many adventures in the oil-fields of Alaska. My roots began in Louisiana and have since been transplanted deep in the heart of Alaska which is where I call home.

EXCERPT: If there was a storm I can not imagine how violent it might be, but from the size of the driftwood trees it must be something to behold. The whole time we were at the base of the Robinson Mountains with the larger St. Elias Mountains behind them we never had a big storm. On a calm day the breakers that broke on this endless sandy beach were ten to twelve footers. The amount and size of the Brown Bears in this country cutoff on both ends by the Malaspina and Bering Glaciers made the Brown Bears feel small. With the great Gulf of Alaska constantly roaring at you, then the mighty St. Elias Mountains shooting up behind you and the Bering and Malaspina Glaciers on both sides, it made me feel like a termite on a Redwood.
ALASKA CONGLOMERATE : Cajun to Sourdough, 2015
In the 3rd book life metamorphosis from Driller, to Plant Operator, then Environmental Engineer. From Bride-Groom, to Family Man, then Divorcée. The story of an Ass being drug back to Jesus.
EXCERPT: Be careful of the toes you stomp on today, because they may be connected to the Ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

Dead Man’s Dancer: The Mechele Linehan Story
Publisher: Epicenter Press
Author: Tom Brennan
Release Date:  September 17, 2015

Five times Tom Brennan wrote and rewrote his account of Mechele Linehan’s life as an exotic dancer in Anchorage, her three fiancés and her murder conviction; the story kept changing. “This was by far the most fascinating case I’ve ever worked on,” Brennan said. “And it has yet to be solved.” Which makes Dead Man’s Dancer: The Mechele Linehan Story, Brennen’s fifth book, the most provocative true crime story he has researched.

Modestly Alaskan
Publisher: Epicenter Press
Author: J. Stephen Lay
Release Date:  October 15, 2015

Most people don't understand Alaska because they don't know how to see it. Stephen Lay, a resident for more than a quarter of a century, explains the real way to see the 49th State. Alaska's a big state with a lot to brag about, but with typical Alaskan modesty, Lay shares the Northland experience and promotes understanding, not only with his words, but with a series of scale maps comparing individual states to Alaska.

How to Speak Alaskan
Publisher: Epicenter Press

Author: J. Stephen Lay (3nd edition)
Release Date:  October 15, 2015

Bunny Boots?  Where can you see an ear pull or a knuckle hop?  What goes in a honey bucket?  How is a winner determined in the famous Nenana Ice Pool?  Who uses the “mukluk telegraph? Sitka Samsonite? J. Stephen Lay, author and educator who moved to Alaska in 1971 will delight, amuse and inform you with his irreverent yet factual explanations of Alaska’s own unique vocabulary.

Cold Starry Night (3rd edition) An Artist's Memoir
Publisher: Epicenter Press
Author: Claire Fejes
Release Date:  11/15/2015

Young Claire Fejes was a promising sculptor and painter in New York City in 1946, when her husband gave in to “gold fever.” She held the unconventional view that her career was as important as his. But in those days, a woman followed her husband, so Claire did - to Fairbanks, last stop on the Alaska Railroad, in the heart of the immense northern territory, where Joe Fejes intended to mine for gold. In a refreshingly candid memoir, Claire describes a remote outpost where the young couple joins a hardy breed of Alaskans who transform loneliness into powerful friendships and where the artist overcomes soul-aching cultural isolation. This 3rd edition commemorates an upcoming museum show of Claire's artwork.


November 23, 24, 25  2018

Book Fair 2018